Thursday, February 2, 2012

Music Of My Heart Mini Kit

Hello , hello!

I made a new mini kit for Valentine's Day, hope you will like :)

I have some 10% coupons  ;)  Code: Loveee

Some inspirations from my CT : 

by zaza

by Scrappie Irene

by Anja

by Sarah

by Célosie

by AngelJet

by Tinci

by Laluna

by Priss

by dida1357

by Pacina

by Krysty

by Irenchen

by Beaute

by Véro

by mamamatveya1
 by Aimee84U1

by Anndahl

by Billa

by MummyD

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  1. Your kit is totally Stunning, love it !
    I was surprised when I saw the paper, the name of the town, and people are known by me, I'm born in Châteauroux and my family used to live there, and few friends of me came from the Guilbaud family...