Thursday, March 3, 2011

New CT girls and guests..

Hello girls!

First of all I would love to thanks your applications! I got tons of nice letters so I was really swamped! I really didn't think that so many girls are interested in my design work. I wanted to pick up only 4-5 talented scrap artists , but you all are amazing !!! I can't take you all to my team but I decided , I will pick up some girls as a guest .

Here is the list , please help me welcome these amazing scrappers!! Congrats ladies!! I am looking forward to see you in my CT forum!!


  1. Congrats ladies!!Gratulálok mindenkinek!!szuper csapat lesz biztos,bár eddig is az volt. :D

  2. Thanks sweetie! I'm very happy that I'll scrap for you :)