Sunday, February 3, 2013

Once Upon A Time .. A wonderful collective collab


Are you ready for scrap??? I made a new fairy tale kit : Once Upon A Time ! This is my part of a new fantastic collective collab with Deviant Scrap Designers . I made with love for you . You can make a fantastic journey in the Once Upon A Time story. My enthusiastic team made many inspirations for you. My part is very reach in papers and elements giving varied applications . You can find 98 png elements and 31 papers in jpeg format 12x12 in 300 dpi . I hope my kit will impress you!

"Once Upon A Time, there were a group of deviant designers who wished to take the citizens of Deviantville on a magical journey. They packed up their horse and carts, saddled a sassy donkey and took the path less traveled. They wandered through enchanted forests, paused at the cliffs watch the dragons soar and visited the quirky, yet friendly folks, at Castle Von Deviant. With each step of the way, the citizens collected souvenirs and took copious photos to mark and remember this splendid adventure. In the end, all rejoiced in taking part of this enchanted journey to places that mere mortals only dream of. "

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